So What about our Food?

We need a place to communicate concerns over our food.  No matter what news comes out about GMO’s or glyphosate’s negative impact on our health, some government organization comes out and says its okay, removing or denying any research showing otherwise.

We need to exert the only power that we have!  Our dollars.  We need to stop buying not only any of the obvious products like Round Up or non organic foods but we need to stop purchasing stocks or affiliate company products as well. The only way the people can change our resources is by impacting the company’s profits.  Syngenta and Dupont are also some companies that we need to impact.  Purchasing prepackaged foods should be eliminated unless they are from organic food companies.

Food can be not just valuable for sustenance but to empower us.  If we use food as medicine and recognize that everything we put in our mouth affects every aspect of our lives, we should choose our food wisely.  I had a student ask me about 3 years ago about my dietary habits.  She had seen that I was really good about eating healthy foods.  She asked me “do you strictly eat for nutrition.”  I said yes, and if it tastes good, its a bonus.  I don’t see how anyone can look at it any other way.   Why wouldn’t we want to function at our absolute best.  If we don’t get ourselves the best food we can’t.

So, I want to use this blog to give information on food, herbs, homeopathics and how they can all impact and benefit us.  You don’t need drugs to misalign the body when nature provided it all.

So my question to you is, what do we want to address first in this blog?


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