So What about our Food?

We need a place to communicate concerns over our food.  No matter what news comes out about GMO’s or glyphosate’s negative impact on our health, some government organization comes out and says its okay, removing or denying any research showing otherwise.

We need to exert the only power that we have!  Our dollars.  We need to stop buying not only any of the obvious products like Round Up or non organic foods but we need to stop purchasing stocks or affiliate company products as well. The only way the people can change our resources is by impacting the company’s profits.  Syngenta and Dupont are also some companies that we need to impact.  Purchasing prepackaged foods should be eliminated unless they are from organic food companies.

Food can be not just valuable for sustenance but to empower us.  If we use food as medicine and recognize that everything we put in our mouth affects every aspect of our lives, we should choose our food wisely.  I had a student ask me about 3 years ago about my dietary habits.  She had seen that I was really good about eating healthy foods.  She asked me “do you strictly eat for nutrition.”  I said yes, and if it tastes good, its a bonus.  I don’t see how anyone can look at it any other way.   Why wouldn’t we want to function at our absolute best.  If we don’t get ourselves the best food we can’t.

So, I want to use this blog to give information on food, herbs, homeopathics and how they can all impact and benefit us.  You don’t need drugs to misalign the body when nature provided it all.

So my question to you is, what do we want to address first in this blog?

What health challenges have you had?

Well, sometimes when I think about it, the list seems endless.  I have to say though, it all started with mercury poisoning.  I know what you are thinking.  How could you have gotten mercury poisoning.  Well, let me tell you about it.  I was a very healthy individual.  Raised without antibiotics, thank goodness and no vaccinations.  I had the typical measles that lasted a week and the chicken pox that was just about the same.  I never really missed much school.  I even remember getting a triple decker ice cream cone in third grade for not missing one day of school.  I had several injuries doing gymnastics but for the most part, I was healthy as a horse.

After getting married I moved to a small town where my husband got a teaching job.  Back then there was no question, you moved to where the husband got the job. We did the typical things, found a church, local places to shop, etc.  After living there a while I had a filling put in and I remember well how I felt the little granules of the filling in my mouth while the dentist was working on my teeth.  I didn’t think much of it.  A few weeks later though I started waking up in the middle of the night with my heart racing and I would be awake for like two hours.  This happened several nights in a row.  Then when my husband and I went walking my calves would since so tight I could hardly move my legs.  It wasn’t really a cramp per sea just stiff and would take forever to relax.  Then I started feeling lathargic.  I went to a regular doctor and he tested my thyroid.  My TSH was a “4.”  He said that meant it was going and that I needed to be on thyroid medication.  I went on thyroid medication for two weeks and felt horrible and my blood pressure was really elevated.  I went to a brand new to the area, internal doctor.  He said to go off of it.  I did.

In about 6 months, we moved back home.  My health was not the best so someone recommended I go to an herbalist and I went on a cleanse. I started feeling good again.  I was building muscle and felt pretty good.  It took about a year. Then I had a typical dentist appointment but with a new dentist who looked at one of my teeth that had a “silver” filling and said, this tooth filling needs to be replaced, it’s leaking.  So I scheduled an appointment.  The hygienist that I normally saw said just make sure you take some “algin” after you have your teeth refilled to remove the mercury from your body. Huh?? mercury.  No one ever said there was mercury in that tooth.  So I bought some in preparation for the removal.  After the removal, I took it for a week and thought it was silly to be taking the algin and stopped.  At exactly 10 days after the tooth was refilled, it was my birthday and we were going to my favorite restaurant, at the time, for dinner.  When we got there, I felt terrible.  I sat in the car a while and waited for my parents and told them I needed to go home because I didn’t feel well.

For the next few weeks, like things began to change.  I would be leading worship and start gagging for no reason.  It wouldn’t stop.  It wasn’t a sinus issue.  It was just like my throat was making fluid when I was breathing.  Then I started to feel anxious.  I had the heart racing wake me up in the middle of the night and it would last a couple hours.  Then I started to have blood sugar problems.  I would feel like I was starving all the time.  I started eating 6 meals a day.  Then someone at the health food store recommended I stop eating gluten.  So I did.  I have not ever gone back to eating it.  I still was hungry all the time.  It was like I was not getting the calories I was eating.  I was hungry within an hour.  I started losing weight.  Muscle included.   I would be walking and suddenly feel like someone pulled the plugs on the bottom of my feet and let all the blood drain out and I would get clamy sweatie.

I went to immediate care finally. They did the typical blood tests.  I ended up going to a regular doctor who recommended I go on thyroid and told me I had hashimotos.

This was the beginning.  Then I learned about herbs and starting learning what to take for my thyroid and blood sugar, etc. On the next post, I will talk about what I did to remedy this situation.

Life is Good!

No matter what you hear, no matter what you see, you determine your perception of life!  Will you let the naysayers depress you?  Will you let the doomsdayers upset you?  There is no reason to.  God is good!  If you are not sure what to do about something, very specifically ask.  God has a unique way of providing answers.  Just the uniqueness in which answers are provided is enough to keep you listening and tuning in. You never know where the answers will come from.Whether you believe in God or divine creation, we were very intelligently designed and we were promised that we were provided with everything we needed.  Start your day with meditation and then think about the things you are grateful for.  That saying that things are never as they seem is true!  We can determine what we see, hear and believe by taking in other perspectives, being grateful for all we have.